Justin Ransom

video directing/shooting/editing and occasional photo work by Justin Ransom

A compilation of stuff I’ve shot over the last year and a half cut to

M83’s “New Map”.

Thanks-Giving Chapel

Thanks-Giving Chapel

Official music video for the Air Review single “America’s Son”

Directed by: Justin Ransom
Dp: Jun Kang
Jib Operator: Brandon Carmichael 
Editor: Justin Ransom
Kid Actor: Bobby Ray Brown

my role: director/actor/2nd shooter/editor

FC Barcelona at Cowboys Stadium cut to “Ride of the Valkyries”.

my role: director/1st shooter/editor

Dallas Observer Music Awards 2010

music: Ishi “Pastel Light”

my role: director/1st shooter/editor

DPD Deep Nights: Part One follows rookie cop Jason Groom as he patrols the vast Dallas Downtown sector out of Deep Ellum’s Central Station.

my role: 2nd shooter/editor

In Part Two we take a closer look at the homeless situation, which is all too real in the downtown sector. Each night, hundreds and hundreds of street dwellers make their bed out of the grimy sidewalks that surround local homeless shelters. Often these facilities are at full capacity early in the evening.

my role: 2nd shooter/editor

YouPlusDallas’ cinematic tribute to the Dallas International Film Festival
Director: Jun Kang 
Producer: Sarah Beauregard 
Producer: Jeff Turner 
DP: Jun Kang
Cast: Josh Blaylock 
Cast: Rebekah Kennedy 
Cast: Justin Ransom 
Camera: Justin Ransom 
Camera: Brandon Carmichael 
Editor: Justin Ransom 

my role: 2nd shooter/actor/editor

Historic 2011 Opening Day Game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington as they kicked off the season with a victory over the Boston Red Sox.

my role:  director/1st shooter/editor

"Downbeat Dallas" celebrates indy music, and in this first episode, host Daniel Hopkins (drummer and a music critic for the Dallas Observer) sits down with singer/songwriter Doug Burr. Filmed at City Tavern on Main St. in Downtown Dallas. 

my role: director/1st shooter/editor

Profile of Dallas’ up and coming designer Abi Ferrin whose motto is “Fashion with Freedom and Purpose”

my role: 1st shooter/editor

"Big" Bucks Burnett’s Eight Track Museum in Deep Ellum, TX

my role: director/shooter/editor

The “Beautiful Game” cut to beautiful music.

More than 20,000 North Texas soccer fans packed Pizza Hut Park in Frisco to watch locals FC Dallas battle the reigning European champions, Inter Milan. FC Dallas, an MLS power riding a nine-game unbeaten streak, rose to the occasion in this 2-2 draw. Inter Milan superstars Eto and Millito both scored crowd-pleasing goals. Videographers Justin Ransom, Brandon Carmichael, Aaron Gentry and Jun Kang captured the beautiful game action in artistic fashion, all set to Mozart’s Don Giovanni Overture.

my role: director/1st shooter/editor

Deep Ellum is two steps back, three steps forward. 

my role: 1st shooter/editor

At the age of 85, Al Howard is quite possibly the oldest living and active one-man band on the planet. Weather and health permitting, just about everyday Al sets up his small eclectic trailer made to resemble an old covered wagon in front of Jimmy’s Catfish on Main St. in Grand Prairie and entertains passersby with his one-man show of country, gospel and blue grass music. 

While driving down Main St. one day in December of 2009 I spotted Al and decided to shoot and interview him with the Handycam I had with me at the time.

This was shot on a old Sony HDR-SR1 Handycam